Family disputes
marriage contracts, divide the joint property, decide on custody of a child, heritage disputes
Elaboration and evaluation of economic agreements
is a progressive and modern method of setting disputes and conflicts.
ases at law
representation in Arbitration Court, general jurisdiction and magistrate courts
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Our advantages

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LawMedia Legal Company is a team of highly skilled specialists possessing profuse experience in various spheres of law. Against the backdrop of the variable Russian legislation, LawMedia helps its clients resolve their current issues and avoid the emergence of new ones. Our company sees as a key to the achievement of professional tasks a comprehensive approach to the solution of problems and a custom-tailored service for each client, which makes it possible to rapidly find a way out of any situation. LawMedia lawyers and mediators will legally protect citizens and legal entities and help develop a business with prompt and high-quality legal advice.

We will give a client the possibility to choose an optimal legal strategy in a concrete situation.

Our company offers legal support at every stage of a legal relationship and establishes long-term and mutually advantageous relations with our clients envisaging full confidentiality of the information disclosed by our partners.

LawMedia Legal Company stands for reliability, professionalism, honesty and confidentiality!